Documents Prepared By the Village For March 16, 2010 Vote


Dissolution Plan Summary

Proposition for March 16 Vote


Final Committee Documents Submitted to the Village


Dissolution Plan — 12-22-09

Village Dissolution Full Study & Plan — 12-22-09


Reports to the Community


12-17-09 Presentation of Dissolution Plan at the Committee's Official Public Hearing

11-19-09 Presentation to the Public

11-19-09 Feedback Form (respond by Dec. 3, 2009)

11-12-09 Presentation to the Joint Boards

11-10-09 Options Report (updated 11-20-09)

11-02-09 "What Exists" Report — How the Village & Town Currently Provide Municipal Services (updated 12-10-09)




Background Information

NYS Dept. of State Guide to Consolidation, Dissolution, Annexation
NYS Village Law Article 19 — Village Dissolution

Fire Protection in NYS — From NY Local Government Efficiency Website


Population Trends

Population Trends for the Village & Town, 1900-2008

Town of Moriah Population by Census Blocks


Financial Information

Town & Village Expense & Revenue Trends — current & prior 2 fiscal years

Town & Village Revenue Budgets - summarized by fund (updated 10-2-09)

Town & Village Expenditure Budgets - summarized by fund

Village of Port Henry Revenues 2006-07 to 2009-10

Village of Port Henry Expenditures 2006-07 to 2009-10

Town of Moriah Revenues 2007-2009 (updated 10-2-09)

Town of Moriah Expenditures 2007-2009a>

Fund Balances — Town & Village

Debt — Town & Village as of 9-30-09


Fiscal Analysis

Excel Workbook - Fiscal Analysis Associated with Public Presentation 11-19-09



Town of Moriah Water Districts

Village Fire Department & Town Fire Districts

Town of Moriah Fire Protection District