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The Village of Malone, whose population was 5,911 at the time of the 2010 census, is the county seat of Franklin County, New York. It is located in the northern part of the county, within the Town of Malone. The total population of the Town was 14,545 in the 2010 census, although 4,359 of those counted were state prison inmates. The Village's nickname is the "Star of the North." [1]


The Village of Malone was incorporated in 1853. The community was first settled around 1802 and the British raided the Village during the War of 1812. Rich in history, the Village provides the backdrop for Laura Ingalls Wilder's historical novel Farmer Boy; it was the hometown of the 19th Vice President of the United States, William Almon Wheeler; and it was also home to one of the final stops in the Underground Railroad.[2]


The Village of Malone includes the Franklin County Fairgrounds mentioned in Laura Ingalls Wilder's historical novel Farmer Boy; the Fairgrounds was also the site of a Fenian mobilization in 1866. [3]


Malone is known for having a robust farming industry, and it is also the location of three state prison facilities. Tourism also is an economic player in the region, as fishing, skiing and golfing opportunities draw visitors from Canada and elsewhere from the region. [4]