About the Study


The Village of Johnson City, located in the Town of Union in New York's Southern Tier region, was petitioned by residents to hold a referendum on the question of dissolving the Village. The Village Board will hold the referendum on November 3, 2009. Under New York law, the Village Board is charged with preparing a dissolution study prior to the vote.

The Village Board successfully applied for a state Shared Municipal Services Incentive (SMSI) grant to help prepare the study. The state currently offers SMSI grants (now known as Local Government Efficiency Grants) on a competitive basis to local governments considering shared municipal service or consolidation projects.

The Village Board engaged the Center for Governmental Research, a Rochester, New York-based nonprofit consulting firm with extensive experience in shared service/consolidation projects, to assist a jointly appointed Dissolution Study Committee in conducting the study.

As required by Village Law, Article 19, which describes the dissolution process for a village, the Dissolution Study Committee will develop a plan for how services currently provided and paid for by the Village government will be provided in the event voters approve dissolving the Village.  The Committee will complete a Draft Dissolution Plan and make it publicly available in July 2009.

Two public hearings, one in late July when the plan for dissolution is a Draft Plan, and one in September, after the plan has been finalized by the Village Board, will be held. If Village voters vote for dissolution on November 3, 2009 the Village will be dissolved effective January 1, 2011 and the Town of Union will administer all municipal operations in the community.


Flowchart and Timetable

Note: This website was developed with funds provided by the New York State Department of State under the Shared Municipal Services Incentive grant program.