Property Tax Calculator

This calculator is designed to allow someone to estimate what the impact of Village dissolution might have on their whole property tax bill. The detailed explanation of the change in the tax rates is included in the Options for Governmental Structural Changes report. The purpose is to illustrate what would happen if the changes went into effect with the 2012 tax rates..

To use the calculator, select if you live in the Village or Town and then enter the market value of your home. The calculator will then give your approximate tax bill for the current year. It will not be exact as the assessed value by the town or village may not match what you believe is the market value. It will also calculate the estimated new town tax bill based on the two options for dissolution that were proposed. Option 1 is the total dissolution of the Village government and the creation of special districts for water, waste water, refuse and debt. Options 2a and 2b are similar to Option 1, with the exception that the Village Police Department would become a Town Police Department. Under Option 2a, the police department costs would increase slightly to account for the larger patrol area. Under Option 2b, the police department operations cost would increase slightly for the larger patrol area, but the number of hours officers are on patrol would be reduced leading to a reduction in the overall police budget.

The Citizens Empowerment Tax Credit (CETC) is a New York State incentive equal to 15 % of the current property tax levy for communities that go through a consolidation process. The CETC is funded by NYS and like all state funding, the appropriations are subject to the annual state budget process. Thus, we show the impact both with and without CETC.


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