NYS Department of State Publications


New NY Government Reorganization and Citizen Empowerment Act — Effective March 21, 2010
A Summary of the Process for Consolidation and Dissolution Under the New Law

Citizen's Guide to Petitioning for Local Government Consolidation or Dissolution


Village Public Notices & Press Release


May 7 — Referendum Public Notice — the question to go before voters on dissolution

May 13 — Village Outlines Assistance CGR & League of Women Voters Will Provide Prior to Vote

May 13 — Village of Brockport Public Notice: May & June 2010 Public Forums

May 18 — Election Legal Notice — including voter registration information


Village Budget & Related Documents


Village Adopted Budget 2010-11
Village Budget Summary & Tax Levy 2010-11
Village Budget 2010-11 — NYS Comptroller Audit
Village Budget 2009-10

Village Official Financial Statement — as of 7-29-09

Auditor Management Letter — dated 8-19-09

Corrective Action Plan — adopted by Village Board 10-5-09

Financial Report to NYS Comptroller — for year ended 5-31-09

Village Basic Financial Statements — for year ended 5-31-09

Village Fixed Assets List

Wholly Tax Exempt Parcels on the Village Tax Roll