August 26 — Public Meeting — 7pm
Introduce study, goals, parameters, CGR, methodology, expectations
Discuss survey
Discuss website
Open dialogue and feedback from community on key questions they want answered

September 17 — Committee Meeting — 6pm
Review baseline data & identify options
Report on survey process

October 7 — Committee Meeting — 6pm
Review Options Report and prepare for public meeting

October 20 — Public Meeting — 7pm
Review baseline data
Discuss options

November 10 — Committee Meeting — 6pm
Review Dissolution Plan and outline of Draft Report
Review of survey results

December 3 — Public Meeting — 7pm
Presentation and discussion of Dissolution Plan and Draft Report
Presentation of Survey Results

December 17 — Committee Meeting — 6pm
Discussion regarding revisions to Draft Report
Plan for delivery of Final Report and Referendum Process