Background Information
Background information considered by the committee appears below.


Reports to the Community

A Plan for Consolidating the City & Town of Batavia in One Government

First Report to the Community - A Vision for One Batavia


Powerpoint Presentations

Final Committee Presentation to Board & Council 7-29-09

Presentation at Public Information Meeting 6-30-09

Presentation at Public Informational Meeting 6-18-09

Presentation to City Council & Town Board 6-1-09



Considerations for Becoming Town or City

Some Governance Options

Comparison of City & Town Codes


Three-Tier Taxation in NYS

Cities in NYS with Tiered Tax Zones
Overview Chart of NY's 3-Tier Taxation Cities

The 3 Tiers Proposed for Batavia


Financial Information

Baseline Expenditures (provides detail on the City & Town's budgeted spending in the current year)

Baseline Revenues (provides detail on the City & Town's budgeted revenues in the current year)

Expense Allocation Model (How would spending be allocated in the consolidated government? This document shows every City & Town cost allocated by tier.)

Revenue Allocation Model (How would revenue be allocated in the consolidated government? This document shows every City & Town revenue, as well as new consolidated incentive revenues, allocated by tier.)

Consolidated Tally (summarizes the fiscal impact of expenditure and revenue distribution in the consolidated government, and shows the final net financial benefit to the community)

City & Town Combined Taxable Assessed Valuation

City & Town Fund Balances

City Debt Schedule

Town Schedule of Indebtedness



City & Town Agreements

Genessee County & City of Batavia Sales Tax Agreement
City & Town Sales Tax & Water Agreements


Real Property

Town of Batavia Real Property

City of Batavia Real Property


Fleet Inventory

Town of Batavia Vehicle/Equipment

City of Batavia Fleet Inventory


Batavia City & Town Schools

Batavia School Districts

Impact of Consolidation on Batavia School Districts

Debt Limits for School Districts in NYS


Population Trends 1900-2007

City, Town, & County



City & Town of Batavia

Town of Batavia Fire Districts

Town of Batavia Water Districts

Town of Batavia Sewer Districts

Batavia School Districts


CGR Update on General Work Plan, Process & Timetable — 2-2-09
CGR Re-thinking the Study Recommendation — 12-15-08


Community Feedback

Public Forum June 18, 2009

Public Forum June 30, 2009